Saturday, July 25, 2009



Time: 1:19:30

It’s a bright sunny morning when Josh and I get to the start. I’m so excited to do this race. I haven’t done a trail race since Peak. I am more eager to do this race then the triathlon tomorrow that I have been training for. I’m not really ready to run this race. I have not been trained much at all. The thing is I’m so eager to run on trails today I don’t care how long it takes me, I just know I’m going to have fun.

The race starts and Josh quickly moves away with the main pack of runners ahead of me. I start down the trails and I’m instantly thrilled to be on the trails. But I also quickly fall to back of the pack but could care less.

I pass a couple on one of small hills right before real climb of the race begins. I cross the road and begin climbing up the hill. Up and up I hike. It’s a good climb but not as bad as the hills at Peak. It levels for a bit and I think its over but then its starts to climb again. I finally get to the water stop on the top. They offer one water cup to drink and one to dump over the head, since it is so hot out. I say no thanks and run off into the woods again. The single track weaves threw the woods at the top of the mountain. Occasionally passing by over grown swamps filled with dead trees. These type of swamps always creep me out. I haven’t seen anyone in a long time but I don’t mind, I’m having a great time on the trails.

Finally the trails pops back out onto the grassy snowmobile trail. I run to the second water station. The two guys at the water stations seem to be in good spirits and happy to be there. I know I’m one of the last runners and I’m grateful for the friendliness and encouragement.

The trail is steadily going down. Starting out grassy then turning to the woods with a few water crossing thrown in. As I get closer to road, I see Josh ahead on the trail waiting for me. He has already finished and has come out to run with me to the end. He tells me I look great and happy. I do. I’m smiling and running high. I’m so glad I ran this race. We cross the road again and Josh pulls me along the last short trail section. Finally the finish line.

What a blast! The trails at this race were fantastic. I don’t care if I’m tired for tomorrow triathlon this trail race was worth it.