Monday, January 31, 2011

January - baby step into the new year..


Weight start 132.6

Weight finish 132.2

Miles ?? no good tally for the month, jumble of hikes, runs and snowshoes.

Not much weight down just looking at it. But my weight did rise during the month then started to drop. I like to think that I was adding some muscle then started to shed some fat. I feel better for the most part, so it’s all good.

I have been eating better for the most part. I have been getting away from breads, butter, creams, and a bit less sugar. I hardly eat red meat any more, not on purpose… just lost interest in it for the most part. I have started eating more seeds, grains and beans for filler and instead of meats and breads.

I did not take part in Sherpa Johns running streak this year (run 2 miles every day). The streak last year left me very frustrated and sore. It left bitter taste in my mouth that has not gone away yet. Of course that led me to not running very much at this month. But I did get out a couple times on snow shoes and a few snowy hikes. I modified one pair of running shoes with screws. I have only used them once and they did work well. Then there was snowdays, that involved pushing the snow-blower around and shoveling. I did a few random days of P90x work outs and other small workout days. I even got on my xc skate skis once.

Highlights including :

-A group Snow Hike up Bog Mountain in Wilmont NH

-A group outing to Pittsfield VT and snow shoeing on some of the Snowshoe marathon course.

-And to end the month with a Bang was Leah’s Bear Brook Winter Fat Ass event. A good size group turned out for the event. We had 8 people on snow shoes, 2 on skis and a little dog along for the trip. The plan was a 9 mile loop, with optional cut offs. I had the goal of getting 5 to 6 miles in. But due to the mysterious trails I ended up doing 11.5 miles with the rest of the surprised group. We were all thrilled and excited with the accomplishment when we finished. But I do admit I was whining a lot, upset and in pain on the trail. My legs brought me to tears at one point before for going ‘numb’ for awhile. Sorry for being a poop :-(

But Cheers to Leah’s Dad and his GF for having beer at the end for all of us! And a Cheers to Leah for putting on a great event and a great post event meal!! I do look forward to going out to Bear Brook again! (I just have to do a little research and map reading so I have a better understanding of what is what)

Hopes for the next month: Continue to improve my diet. Working on getting sugar cravings down!! I have some new foods and reading material on order already.

More consistent about work outs.

Log more running miles!!

Looking forward to Josh's birthday run on the 26th!

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